A short stay in London by Serge Côté

November 27 – December 2, 2013
riding house streetWe took off from Las Vegas at 13h28, on November, 26, and finally landed in London – via Washington D.C. – at 10:15 AM, local time, on November 27, exhausted by a long day of 11:35 hours in the air (+ the extras: security, boarding, etc.). Jet lagged I was for sure, a bit dizzy when I finally arrived at the Hôtel Saint-Georges, Regent Street angle Riding Horse Street in Westminster.
After Las Vegas, all members of the team were aware of the way things should go – and as Fanny did such a great job – nothing else to do but resting before the auditions.
DSCN0605Even if I was feeling like going to bed, I was so hungry – which is quite unusual – that I end up by running to the first nearest good restaurant beside the Hotel, and it was just… awesome ! A lightly perfectly grilled salmon steak with fresh broccoli along with a glass of Saint-Émilion, my favorite. Moreover, after the meal, I went on the heated terrace to enjoy a cognac, an expresso and a cigarette with my dearest friends Mrs Pen & Moleskine. The paradise of the lonely traveler… So I kept that venue in mind, hoping that I could return before leaving London. I went to bed and woke up at 4 AM, ready to go!
characters from the sreetObservation : As in Paris, in London, too many people are sleeping in the street. It is a shame. Walking at 5 Am in London is quite surrealistic. A vision…
But casting wise, there is so many talents in this city, London is a must to discover. For the House Of Dancing Water we have met with very beautiful and talented  gymnasts and great dancers.
PostCard from LondonOn my last night, I decided to go back to the restaurant that I have enjoyed so much. And it was as good as the first time. Except this story : When I went out to enjoy my cognac, espresso & cigarette, there was no place left on the terrace!??! Only one possibility, a lady hiding under a trendy hat. So I looked at her in the eyes and said: may I ? And she said : Yes indeed, you need your nicotine fix, right? My age. Ouille…
We had a great conversation about life, etc. At one point she recommended me A SHORT STAY IN SWITZERLAND, moving.



When Dr Anne Turner chose to end her own life in a Swiss clinic it was front-page news.
The retired doctor had a degenerative neurological condition called progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP).
She knew she faced a slow death, becoming less and less able to communicate with her carers and loved ones.
This weekend her story ‘A short stay in Switzerland’ is brought to the small screen by award winning writer Frank McGuiness and starring Julie Walters, as Anne.
(Source : BBC – A Short Stay In Switzerland.)

Serge Côté